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About me

Brad is a South African born, Florida raised son of half Jewish and half Christian immigrants.

He spent 21 years of his life growing up in Tampa, Florida where he had to overcome being an overweight child and understanding American culture only from friends and media.

Upon his graduation from high school, Brad attended The University of South Florida where he learned essentially nothing except for social skills, the potential of using the internet to learn and grow, and the power of a wonderful social circle.

He graduated in April 2010 with a B.S. degree (pun intended) in Marketing and immediately used it by starting to flip houses a year later with fellow fraternity brother. In a poor market and a harsh learning curve, Brad and his partner, Andrew, decided to put flipping on hold until the market had improved.

Brad then moved to Miami for other opportunities until 2015 when he moved to Los Angeles. CA to continue his real estate endeavors.

Now, Brad lives in LA most of the year and takes several trips to Florida and a few getaways throughout the United States. His Virgo brain and entrepreneurial spirit gives Brad a knack for being a perfectionist, seeing the world in terms of numbers and opportunity, an expert analyzer.

In his free time, Brad can be found at the gym, in the sun, or on his Vespa cruising down Sunset Boulevard.